Andrea Giles

Andrea joined Aspen Aerogels in May 2016. She's in charge of Aspen's Digital Marketing and Communications. She brings with her lots of marketing know-how, a bit of humor, and a love of story telling.

Posts By Andrea Giles

Pyrogel HPS Supports Faster Restart After an Unplanned Outage

Andrea Giles  |  28, Feb 2018

Weighing Your Options for Insulating Spheres

Andrea Giles  |  26, Feb 2018

The Advantages of Versatility - Pyrogel and Cryogel Insulation

Andrea Giles  |  11, Dec 2017

Going Green with Pyrogel Insulation, One Steam Vault at a Time

Andrea Giles  |  31, Aug 2017

Case Study: Duke University Insulating Steam Systems with Pyrogel® XTE

Andrea Giles  |  23, Jun 2017

The Top Aerogel Insulation Installation Tips Revealed

Andrea Giles  |  31, May 2017

Resiliency, Steam Distribution Networks, and Pyrogel

Andrea Giles  |  29, Mar 2017

Making Better Windows with Aerogel | Aspen Aerogels

Andrea Giles  |  23, Feb 2017

Pyrogel Insulation for Offshore Platforms | DNV GL Recommended

Andrea Giles  |  31, Jan 2017

How Does Weather Affect Your Turnaround Schedule? | Aspen Aerogels

Andrea Giles  |  31, Jan 2017

Staying Warm, Staying Fit with the Help of Aerogel Insulated Apparel

Andrea Giles  |  31, Jan 2017
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