Tony Purcell

Before joining Aspen Aerogels in 2019, Tony held a variety of Asia Pacific roles with WR Grace, UOP-Honeywell, and Cameron-Schlumberger. He has 30 years of experience in the oil and gas Industry, working in global companies supporting the Asian Midstream and Downstream sectors through the times of the 1996 Asian Economic Crisis, Global Financial Crisis 2009, OPEC glut production in 2010 and the excess supply of today through oil production and COVID demand reduction. In every instance, the judicious use of value-added technologies have led the recovery of the sector, resulting in a more efficient 'new normal' as demand returns. Join Tony as he explores how the effective use of innovation, ensures a stronger outcome for agile companies.

Posts By Tony Purcell

(Pre) Crimes & Misdemeanors: An Industrial Insulation Story

Tony Purcell  |  11, Jan 2021
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