Excitement is burbling at Aspen Aerogels as we get ready to participate in Gastech—the leading exhibition and conference for the global gas, LNG, and energy industries. Gastech will take place from September 17-20, 2018, in Barcelona, Spain. We’d love to see you there at stand # O113—while you're there, don't forget to enter to win our daily raffles. We have some special prizes to give away.

Wondering what we have in store? Here are Four Great Reasons to Visit Aspen Aerogels at Gastech 2018. 

Since we know not everyone can attend the event, use this list as a quick cheat sheet on the advantages Cryogel® Z aerogel insulation offers to the LNG and gas processing industries.


#1: You need to install your insulation fast—REALLY fast—to finish your LNG project on time.

If you’ve selected Cryogel Z as your insulation, then rest easy. In an LNG project, insulation is typically 1-3% of the overall construction budget, but eats up 30% of the project schedule. Proven to install quickly and easily —Cryogel Z’s biggest benefit is the gift of time. The simplicity of the Cryogel Z system, absence of any contraction joints, and resulting speed of application enabled an on-time handover for a recent LNG import facility in Asia, despite a delayed start to the insulation phase of the project. Aspen’s John Williams discusses this project in LNG Industry Magazine.  

#2: You have sweating and ice problems in your plant, and you’re not sure where to turn for help.

We get it. Excessive sweating and ice balls are a signal that all is not well with your current insulation system.  Aside from safety concerns, it's likely that you are seeing excessive boil-off gas rates impact economic performance. Addressing issues arising from under-performing insulation can be a full time job, as well as a real headache. The operator of a North American LNG import facility commented about Cryogel Z on their facility, "We never have to think about it. It just works."

What would it mean if you could forget about your cryogenic insulation and just focus on your business?

Cryogel Z has been selected to address some of the most challenging LNG insulation applications around the world. A unique feature set coupled with a versatile format means that no problem is too tough for Cryogel Z. Its extremely low thermal conductivity significantly minimizes heat gain and liquid boil-off, ensuring that your processes run optimally. Plus, Cryogel Z enables you to get your insulation right on day one, and every day thereafter. Its unique flexibility and durability at cryogenic temperatures safeguard your assets against the breakdown common in rigid insulations. Click to learn more.

#3: Your plant processes are loud—jet engine loud—and you’re seeking a multi-purpose insulation with both built-in acoustic attenuation and passive fire protection to protect your people.  

We’ve got you covered with one extraordinarily robust solution. Cryogel Z’s simplified design and versatility provides 5-in-1 thermal, acoustic, jet-fire, pool fire, and cold splash protection—all in a single system. Whether onshore of floating, It's ultra-thin profile helps to avoid mechanical clashes and increase racking density for smaller modules.  Learn more about Cryogel Z’s 5-in-1 protections from Aspen’s own Brian Cahill   

#4: You want to speak with an expert about your project woes so you get your insulation purchase right the FIRST time.

That’s exactly why we’ll be at Gastech—to educate you and help you make sound decisions in your insulation purchase. Cryogel Z has now been installed successfully on over 36 global LNG facilities. From Aspen's early days resolving clashes or maintaining thermal resistance on valves to our recent successes in whole import and export facilities, our commitment to performance and efficiency is supplemented by our world class cryogenic insulation support team. Our people have unsurpassed knowledge about what works and what doesn’t—both in theory and application. Tell us about your challenge, and we will help you overcome it. Come meet our team and get information and advice about how Cryogel Z can help keep your project on track, your processes performing optimally, your assets protected, and more. Can't make it to Gastech, but want insight and information about how we can help you? Contact us today

Click here to learn more about Cryogel Z for LNG and gas processing applications. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

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